ejabberd XMPP server

Package installation

Install the package using the appropriate tool, as demonstrated in Example 12.8, “Installing ejabberd on Debian/Ubuntu” and Example 12.9, “Install ejabberd on Fedora/RHEL/CentOS”.

Example 12.8. Installing ejabberd on Debian/Ubuntu

$ sudo apt-get install ejabberd
$ sudo addgroup ejabberd ssl-cert 

Example 12.9. Install ejabberd on Fedora/RHEL/CentOS

$ sudo yum install ejabberd
$ sudo addgroup ejabberd ssl-cert 


Modify the file /etc/ejabberd/ejabberd.cfg, add the server IP address and the path to the certificate as demonstrated in Example 12.10, “ejabberd interface example”.

Example 12.10. ejabberd interface example

  {5222, ejabberd_c2s, [
                        {access, c2s},
                        {ip, {195, 8, 117, 19}},
                        {shaper, c2s_shaper},
                        {max_stanza_size, 65536},
                        %% {certfile, "/etc/ssl/private/example.org-key_combined.pem"},

Set up the users: go to http://server1.example.org:5280, log in and set up the user accounts.