Choose your SIP proxy

Table 11.1. Comparison of SIP proxy servers

PackagesAvailable in Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora
OtherEither SIP proxy can be installed from source code on any platform
Ease of installationSingle config file, federated mode is enabled by simple config settingsFlexible config file format, which is more like a scripting language and suitable for advanced customization. If a sample config from the Kamailio teams meets your needs, then it is very easy to install.
Module/plugin supportExtensions can be developed in C++ or PythonModular plugin architecture with many plugins available
Database/user storageBoth support a common SQL table structure, so you can start with one and switch to the other, using either PostgreSQL or MySQL server.
Management UIHTML web interface enabled by defaultOptional HTML UI available

Recommendation: If you are not sure, or can't find a suitable Kamailio configuration file for your needs, start with repro and you can change to Kamailio later if you find a reason to do so.