Appendix A. Building reSIProcate packages on Debian/Ubuntu

reSIProcate packages are usually available in stable-backports. Sometimes, such as during a Debian release freeze, stable-backports won't contain the latest upstream version or there is some other reason to build the package from source. This is a relatively straightforward task using the debuild utility.

Example A.1. Installing the debuild command

$ sudo apt-get install devscripts

Example A.2. Installing the compiler and dependencies

$ sudo apt-get build-dep resiprocate

Example A.3. Running the debuild command

$ wget http://.../resiprocate-1.9.8.tar.gz
$ tar xzf resiprocate-1.9.8.tar.gz
$ cd resiprocate-1.9.8
$ debuild -rfakeroot -i -us -uc -b --no-lintian

Example A.4. Running the debuild command using code from Git

$ git clone
$ cd resiprocate
$ git checkout 1.9.8
$ debuild -rfakeroot -i -us -uc -b --no-lintian